New Brunswick Stamp Stories 2017

Welcome to New Brunswick's Stamp Stories Competition - Round V!

Stamp Stories is a provincial design contest that students in grades 4 to 9 can enter. Every student has been tasked with designing a stamp that they feel best portrays New Brunswick's past. On this site we will be showcasing some of these submissions, from all across the province. 

A stamp design can be anything that students want it to be -- as long as it has a New Brunswick History or heritage theme. It might be a local history building or landmark, an ancestor, landscape, animal, a favourite New Brunswick hero, or an important historical event-- anything that means something special to the individual.

Please take some time to view the student's designs-- and then vote for your favourite. Voting closes on May 31; and the top 7 entries will later be featured on the Heritage Branch web site in June.

These are the second  round of entries in Stamp Stories 2017. Please cast your vote using the poll on the right...


Eagle Mountain

Not everyone has the privilege of seeing an eagle flying over their house. Where I live, eagles fly over my house in the summertime.


Autumn at the Axe

My stamp shows the World’s Largest Axe standing before the St. John River. I feel that the axe is historically significant because it represents New Brunswick’s timber industry. There is also a maple tree that is being tapped. The fall colors are beautiful, so I wanted to depict them here. The World’s Largest Axe in Nackawic is a point of pride in a small community.


A Picture into the Past

This is the sawmill at Kings Landing. I chose Kings Landing because it tells about life in the old days in New Brunswick. It shows how hard people used to work. Sawmills are useful to New Brunswick because they turn wood into planks and posts. New Brunswick also has a lot of trees.

Deer Island

It reminds me of Deer Island, because the lighthouse is on the Island. I like Deer Island because it’s a pretty place.


   Autumn Breeze

Not everyone has the pleasure of watching the leaves change colour in the fall. We do here in New Brunswick. And since my family lives in a sugar woods, when autumn comes the woods are full of colour. These memories inspired my stamp.

Please place your vote on the right....

Looking forward to sharing more wonderful artwork with you - Next week!

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