Monday, August 25, 2014

In the News - Kings Landing Foundation will Provide Bursaries for Students to Attend Summer Camp

Kings Landing ‘a magical place and we want it to keep going’

The Daily Gleaner, August 22, 2014 - The Kings Landing Foundation has been formed to raise funding to sustain the 40-year-old historic settlement’s future.
Carol Loughrey, the foundation’s president, said its goal is to ensure Kings Landing will continue to preserve New Brunswick artifacts and social history into the future.
She said the foundation will raise money through soliciting donations and accessing grants and other funding sources that aren’t accessible to Kings Landing because it’s a Crown corporation.
Now that the settlement is into its fourth decade, she said, there are many pieces of infrastructure that need repair or replacement and that takes money, which the foundation will help raise...

...the foundation wants to ensure the historical settlement is able to continue to serve as an educational resource for students throughout the province and, perhaps, the rest of the country.
“We want to set up interactive media that can go into the schools so you can give kids a taste of this,” she said.
Kings Landing offers a visiting cousins program for children. The foundation wants to help children who don’t have the money to attend the summer camp to have the experience.
“We would like to be able to give bursaries so some kids can do that every summer that otherwise wouldn't be able to,” she said.
Loughrey said the foundation has started a founder’s program for which it hopes to attract 100 people willing to contribute $500. That $50,000 would get the foundation started in its   efforts, she said.
Kings Landing executive director Kevin Cormier called the foundation its community partner, adding its work is essential to the future of the historic settlement.

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