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Spotlight on our Heritage #4: Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell
(New Brunswick Museum,
EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is the fourth in a series of features prepared for Heritage Week 2017 (February 13 – 20), entitled Spotlight on our Heritage. The blog series celebrates 150 years of history, and reflects upon New Brunswick’s role in Confederation. This particular "spotlight" draws from the Fredericton Region Museum exhibition A Ship Full of Troubles: New Brunswick and Confederation, which was co-curated by STU and UNB graduates Nathan Gavin and Caleb Goguen. 

Peter Mitchell 

Peter Mitchell was a first generation New Brunswicker, born to Scottish parents. He became involved in the shipbuilding business on the Miramichi, and remained an active player in the industry until 1868. Mitchell also studied law, and eventually opened a practice with John Mercer Johnson. He entered the realm of politics and gained the seat for Northumberland in 1857. 

Peter Mitchell became the President of the Executive Council in 1861. He was an avid supporter of Confederation, and went to the Quebec as well as London Conferences. He succeeded Samuel Leonard Tilley as leader of the Confederation Party and became Premier of New Brunswick in 1866, leading the province into Confederation. 

After Confederation, Mitchell became a senator for the first session of Parliament. He later resigned from that position to take the Northumberland seat in the House of Commons in 1872, which he held for six years. 

Peter Mitchell passed away in 1899, in the Montreal hotel room that served as his home. He showed signs of suffering a vigorous seizure before passing. Peter Mitchell is buried in Newcastle, New Brunswick. 

Join with us in celebrating Canada’s 150 during New Brunswick Heritage Week, February 13 to 20, 2017! 

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